It’s been awhile…

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In honor of National Dog Day, here’s my baby boy Tucker.

Life’s been a bit crazy lately so I haven’t been able to post as much as I like. Here’s a recap of what’s going on.

1. I got promoted at work (yay!) but have also been SUPER busy. Q4 is our biggest quarter and I’ll be spending the next few weeks getting everything ready for my absence during our vacation.

2. Speaking of our vacation, its only 25 days away, 5 of which I will spend on a business trip. That’s only 3 1/2 weeks to finalize all of our plans, book our rental car and the rest of our hotel rooms, pack and get ready. OMG, I have so much to do. Does anyone have any tips for travel in France?

3. Only ten more days till Football season starts. Our fantasy draft is tomorrow and I’m the commissioner so this has been taking over my life this past week. There’s a cash prize for the winner, but I’m more interested in beating (or at least making it into the play-offs) so I can talk crap to all of the losers until next season.

4. Like I mentioned in a previous post, our lease is up and we may be moving. On the upside, we would definitely move to a bigger place if it happens (more space to decorate and store stuff!). On the downside, I do not want to pack up everything and move. :( We also have to find somewhere before we leave for our vacation because our last day to give notice just happens to be 2 days into it.

5. In about two months, I will have 2 more nieces. Plus it feels like everyone online and in real life is pregnant and it’s giving me baby fever. Is it crazy to buy a wardrobe for a baby that doesn’t exist? Even if stuff is cute? I’m asking for a friend.

6. Homeboy’s birthday is next week and he’ll be turning 32. 32! When did we get so old?

Best of the Bay: Muji


1. Travel Case | 2. Cleaning Tools | 3. Acacia Dishware | 4. Acrylic Organizers | 5. Bedding | 6. Stationery

I’ve been browsing the Muji online store for quite awhile and it’s a great resource for acrylic organization items. On Saturday morning I got a text from my sister and cousin telling me I needed to drive down to San Jose to hit up Muji for some new pens and paper (we’re all stationery junkies). As part of my goal to set up a great workspace in the next couple of months I decided to stop by and take a look at some of their organization pieces in person.

The store was AMAZING, completely minimalist and neutral. It is so different from my style but it made me want to go home, throw everything i own away and start all over. Everything was in its place, and there were even employees who basically went around there store fixing all of the displays as people touched things. Down to the centimeter , it’s like Muji was designed by and for people who are OCD. There were clothing, bedding, organization, stationery, kitchen, travel, and beauty sections. They even sell some small pieces of furniture.

Anyway in some ways it was overwhelming, there was so much I wanted but that totally defeats the purpose of going minimalist so I decided to just get a few new items for my office area: acrylic pencil cups, washi tape dispensers, new notebooks and black cotton swabs (???). I’ll definitely be keeping a list of things i think we can use in the apartment and making a return trip in a couple of months.

There are 7 Muji stores in the US, 5 in NYC including JFK, 1 in San Francisco and 1 in San Jose. And of course the online store for all of you not fortunate enough to live near a location.

It’s Back To School time!


Calendar | Tin Box | Notebooks Paperclips |  Collater | Candle | Quips & Queries Set
Poppin Starter Set | Binder | Letter Holder | Planter

It’s been more years than I would like to admit since I’ve been in school, but even though September and the Fall really have no significant meaning to my anymore, I still get the urge to go out and buy all new school supplies. There’s something about getting brand new pens and fresh notebooks that makes me so excited. Instead of buying filler paper, pencils and crayons I use this time of year as an excuse to revamp my office set-ups, get fresh new supplies to help keep me organized. This year will be all about pretty things to keep me inspired and organized for my blog.