Vacation Packing List : Sundance Winter Edition

WinterPackingL.L. Bean Boots | The North Face Jacket | Brixton Beanie | David and Young Scarf | The North Face Gloves | Handwarmers | DryBar Smoothing Cream


The one thing I am absolutely sure of is that I am not a cold weather person. Living my entire life in CA and Vegas has given me ZERO tolerance for cold weather. Yesterday, after a massage at the spa I hung out on the patio. In my bath robe. In January. This is life in California. I freeze in 70 degrees which means being warm trumps looking cute on our trips to Utah. I basically I spend the entire time in a coat that resembles a sleeping with the ends cut off. Those pictures of celebrities and LA people looking all cute at Sundance, trust me people they are probably freezing cold. Here’s what I’ll be packing and I suggest you do the same.

And PS. Don’t forget about your hair. It will turn into a dry staticky mess!