The Best Weekenders

Travel Bags weekenders duffel bags  I have travel on the brain right now and there’s nothing that makes me want to take a trip more than finding a new weekender bag. I don’t know why I love them so much, they really only work  for road trips since they are such a pain to lug around airports. But there’s something about them that makes me think some super chic lady hopping into a convertible and driving out to the Hamptons for the weekend.

I received this and this for my birthday this year and keep them packed in the closet all times.I’m a super neurotic packer (yeah, I plan out what I am going to pack right down to accessories on a spreadsheet) and try to keep a weekend bag packed with essentials just in case we ever do take a last minute trip. Normally we’d be preparing for at least one last trip before summer is over but we won’t be heading out of town again before fall hits. If you decide to take one last trip this summer, here are weekenders to suit any style and (almost) any trip.

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